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Some of the legal forms of licensed entities are as follows:

Step 1: Choose your Legal Type

Sole Proprietorship

A Sole Proprietorship is a business owned by an individual, not a company. This person will own 100% of the business, control all of its operations and keep 100% of any profits. He or she will also be 100% responsible for business debts and any other financial obligations.

One Person Company (LLC)

The one person limited liability company is owned by one natural or one corporate body. This company is different than the other forms that require having two parties at least to sign a contract.

Civil Company

A Civil Company is a business partnership for professionals in recognised fields such as doctors, lawyers, engineers and accountants.

Limited Liability Company

A Limited Liability Company (LLC) is a flexible form of enterprise that blends elements of partnership and corporate structures. An LLC must have between 2-50 shareholders, each of whom is liable only to the extent of his or her share in the capital of the company.

Private Share Holding Company

A Private Shareholding Company (Private Joint-Stock Company) is a partnership of 2-200 individuals. The partners must invest a minimum capital of AED 5,000,000 in the business.

Public Share Holding Company

A Public Share Holding Company is a company whose capital is divided into transferable shares of equal value.

Simple Limited Partnership

A Simple Limited Partnership is formed between a minimum of two partners – one general partner and one limited partner. The general partners are liable for the company’s liabilities to the extent of all their personal and business assets; the limited partners are liable for a share of company liabilities equal to their share of the company capital.

Branch of a Foreign Company

A Branch of a Foreign Company is 100% owned by the parent company, operate under the same name and conduct the same business as the managing firm, in order to open a branch in Dubai. A branch of a foreign company must have a manager to represent the company and to open the branch, appointed by the Board of Directors.

Representative Office

A Representative Office for Commercial Activities is not a business structure in its own right but it is a business activity that a branch can conduct. It has its own criteria, which includes the authorisation to promote and market the parent company’s business – but not conduct business operations.

Step 2: Determine Infrastructure

Based on your requirements and nature of your business it is important to choose the correct infrastructure, this could be a warehouse facility, a logistic park or a share office with a desk and a chair.

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