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VR & AR Gaming

VR & AR Gaming

Gaming has evolved from a fun activity to a powerful tool. By incorporating and embedding technologies like Virtual reality and Augmented reality, creators have set a completely new precedent. It is the dawn of superior technology.

Today there is no need to imagine beautiful worlds to escape reality, game creators have artfully built these mystical worlds, worlds where these gamers can access through the right Virtual reality tech, such as controllers and VR headsets. While Virtual reality games require such tools, their exposure is limited to only a selected audience that can afford such expensive technology. Beat Saber, Iron Man VR, Star Trek: Bridge Crew, and The Walking Dead: Saint and Sinners are the best examples of Virtual reality’s capability.

With augmented reality, you have access to a bigger audience that uses smartphones and tablets. Being able to modify or alter the surroundings with the help of your handy smartphone, puts AR at top in the gaming technology industry. Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and Ghostbusters World are some prime examples of AR gaming. Gaming that held people in such thrall that they often forgot reality, this is the impact of Augmented reality.

Blue Crayon adheres to the industry’s best practices. Our team is composed of highly capable VR/AR game creators, who are obsessive gamers themselves. Their ever-growing knowledge of gaming, combined with their experience with the gameplay, certainly helps fine-tune the details.

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